My Plan

Fighting HS2

I am opposed to HS2 and will strongly campaign against it in Parliament. Our countryside is precious and if elected I will personally take the case against HS2 to the Transport Secretary. Local people must be listened to on HS2 and I will provide a strong voice for our community.

If it doesn’t work for you, then it doesn’t work for me.

A safe and sustainable town centre

Taking a tough line on anti-social behaviour; working to make Aylesbury greener, more accessible and more appealing to high quality businesses, combining the town’s heritage with new experiences that will attract more people to live, work and visit.

Development that benefits everyone

Aylesbury and the nearby villages have seen some of the highest house-building in the country. It’s right to create new homes for the next generation. But they must be in the right places, and we must ensure they have the right infrastructure. People already living here must benefit, too, with better roads and broadband for all.

Supporting our NHS

People in the Aylesbury constituency are rightly proud of their local hospitals. I’ll stand up for Stoke Mandeville and Wycombe hospitals, so they can focus on providing the best possible health care for patients. I’ll support initiatives to help people get the right treatment quickly – whether it’s from GPs, nurses, pharmacists or other healthcare professionals – and work hard to get better links with adult social care.

Working for local business

Small businesses and sole traders play a huge part in our country’s economy, but don’t always have the power or influence of the big corporates. I’ve been self-employed for more than half my career, and will use that experience to help local firms.

Giving children a brilliant start in life

We have some great local schools, and I want to ensure we give every child the chance to reach their potential by levelling up funding for all forms of education. The modern economy is changing and we need to ensure every young person can flourish whether they choose an apprenticeship, university, further education, or enter the world of work.

Protecting our environment

The environment is our most treasured and valuable resource, and we must ensure that protecting it underpins all we do. I am absolutely committed to achieving the realistic target of carbon net zero by 2050.