Rob's speech in the general debate on the economy

Yesterday in Parliament, Rob made a speech in the general debate on the economy. He welcomed the Chancellor's huge package of help to protect and create jobs and highlighted some local people who are already helping us to build back from the coronavirus crisis stronger.

Rob's speech on the African Development Bank

On 18 June, Rob spoke in Parliament about the continued funding of the African Development Bank and how it's essential to help millions more out of poverty, whilst also ensuring value for the UK taxpayer.

Rob's full speech can be watched above.


Rob supports longer prison sentences for terrorists

Aylesbury MP, Rob Butler, has spoken in Parliament today in strong support of the Government’s Counter-Terrorism and Sentencing Bill, which aims to strengthen every stage in the process of dealing with terrorist offenders across the UK.

Rob welcomes new Immigration Bill in Parliament

Rob Butler, MP for Aylesbury, has welcomed the government’s new immigration proposals during a debate in parliament. The Immigration Bill will end free movement of EU citizens, and instead introduce a new set of rules that will apply to people wherever in the world they hail from.