Rob and Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, praise hospital radio volunteers

In Parliament yesterday, Rob Butler, MP for Aylesbury, paid tribute to the work of volunteers at Stoke Mandeville Hospital radio and called on the government to support the vital work of hospital radio stations.  

Hospital radio stations, like the one at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, are playing an important role in keeping Covid patients connected when they are unable to have visitors. But they can also be a lifeline for patients facing long hospital stays, and a great source of entertainment and information for staff and visitors.  

Participating in the session via video link, Rob said: 

“An unheralded aspect of the comfort that's been brought to patients in the coronavirus crisis has come from hospital radio stations, like the one at Stoke Mandeville.  

“Will my Right Honourable Friend join me in thanking the volunteers who have provided the only company to Covid patients when they weren't allowed to have visitors, and do all he can to support hospital radio stations in the months and years ahead?” 

Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, joined Rob in highlighting the importance of hospital radio, saying: 

“My Honourable Friend should be very proud to represent Stoke Mandeville Hospital, and Stoke Mandeville Hospital Radio. Because he's right that hospital radio is always important, but at times like this when visitors haven't been able to go into hospitals, it's even more important, and I'm very very pleased that he raised it.”